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How to choose a dog trainer: Association of Pet Dog Trainers

CIA Nail trims can be difficult on you on your dog
Watch how my friend and colleague, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, trains and desensitizes Tucker to this procedure.
This is an excellent example of positive reinforcement at it's best.

youtube video
Positive Reinforcement
Here is another example of teaching a behavior with positive reinforcement and this time the trainer, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, is not using food but something else the dog loves, playing tug!
youtube video
Dogwise Dogwise provides the widest variety of current cutting-edge dog books and products for serious dog enthusiasts and trainers.
The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is an international testing and certification program for professional pet dog trainers. Its certification program is based on humane training practices and the latest scientific knowledge related to dog training. website
The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education.
The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Inc. (IAABC) is a professional association for the field of animal behavior consulting.
Association of Animal Behavior Professionals
The Association of Animal Behavior Professional's mission is to function as a network of professional animals trainers and behavior consultants who are also dedicated to animal friendly methods. website
Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior teaches inspired animal training with innovative programs designed for both experienced and aspiring teachers. We advance the field of force-free training through community and peer collaboration, and we help our faculty and alumni become more successful through close business partnerships. The Academy builds on decades of scientific research and practical development by behavior analysts, ethologists, clicker trainers, and TAGteachers around the world, culminating in a groundbreaking curriculum unlike any other. website
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) is a group of veterinarians and research professionals who share an interest in understanding behavior in animals. AVSAB is committed to improving the quality of life of all animals and strengthening the bond between animals and their owners.
Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA) has a mission of advancing animal behavior management in order to enhance the husbandry and welfare of animals.


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